Here, you will learn on how to grab and manipulate user's data

Rejecting A User

If you are handling your own user registrations, you may invoke the following method to reject a user.

require_once(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . '/components/com_easysocial/includes/easysocial.php');
$user = ES::user($id);
$user->reject(string $message, bool $sendEmail, bool $deleteUser)

Supplied Arguments

$message - (Optional) If there's a message specifying the reason of rejecting this user.
$sendEMail - (Optional) If this is not specified, it is defaulted to send the user a notification e-mail.
$deleteUser - (Optional) Boolean flag to determine if the system should also delete the user.

public function reject($reason = '', $sendEmail = true, $deleteUser = false)