EasySocial comes with extra modules to boost your site's usability. Here, you will learn about modules and it's settings.
  Mark Lee   18 October 2016   Beginner

Introduction About Modules

Similar like other Joomla! modules, EasySocial also comes pre-installed with a wide variety of modules that you can publish on your site. The following are the modules that are included with EasySocial:


  • Profile Completeness (mod_easysocial_profile_completeness)
  • Registration Module (mod_easysocial_register)
  • Users Module (mod_easysocial_users)
  • Toolbar Module (mod_easysocial_toolbar)
  • EasySocial Menu Module (mod_easysocial_menu)
  • Notifications Module (mod_easysocial_notifications)
  • Leaderboard Module (mod_easysocial_leaderboard)
  • Dropdown Menu Module (mod_easysocial_dropdown_menu)

Activity Stream

  • Activity Stream Module (mod_easysocial_stream)

Photo Albums

  • Albums Module (mod_easysocial_albums)
  • Photos Module (mod_easysocial_photos)


  • Event Menu Module (mod_easysocial_event_menu)
  • Events Module (mod_easysocial_events)
  • Event Categories Module (mod_easysocial_events_categories)


  • Group Menu Module (mod_easysocial_group_menu)
  • Groups Module (mod_easysocial_groups)
  • Group Categories Module (mod_easysocial_groups)


  • Dating Search Module (mod_easysocial_dating_search)
  • Search Module (mod_easysocial_search)


  • Login Box Module (mod_easysocial_logbox)
  • Login Module (mod_easysocial_login)
  • OAuth Module (mod_easysocial_oauth)

Third Party

  • EasyBlog Posts Module (mod_easysocial_easyblog_posts)

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