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Translating Clusters Category On A Multilingual Site

Setting up a multilingual site would be a problem if the content are not 100% translated. Rest assured that EasySocial allows site administrator to translate any clusters (pages, groups or events) categories to the desired language.

Configuring Cluster's Category

Lets create a new category for pages in EasySocial. Navigate to Components > EasySocial > Pages > Categories. Click on New button located at the top left of the page.

On the New Page Category page, you may configure this category to use String Constant for the title and the description. The following screenshot illustrate how to use string constant on categories. Once ready, click Save button to store this category.

The String Constant can be anything and it is not compulsory to use the same string as the example.

Translating Category

Translating String Constant

Proceed to the Joomla Languages: Overrides page which can be located through Extensions > Language > Overrides. The following screenshot illustrate the section.

Translating Category

Next, choose the desired language for the string constant to be translated into by clicking on Filter selection on the sidebar. After that, click on the New button located at the top left to add new string constant.

Translating Category

On the Languages: Edit Override page, enter the string constant which you have created before in the Language Constant field. Then, enter the translated text for the string constant in the Text field. Finally, click on Save button to store the translation. The following screenshot illustrate the section.

Translating Category

Do the same for the category description.

Translating Category

Once, you have finished translating for this language, you may do the same translation for the other languages that are available on your site. Checkout the result on your frontend.

Translating Category