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  2. Story Links Parsing Behavior

Story Links Parsing Behavior

Whenever a user shares any link on the story, link's images are still referencing to the source site. So, if the images are missing from the source site, it would cause the page to not loading correctly. With the available settings at EasySocial > Settings > General > Links, you'll be able to configure the story's link behaviour.

EasySocial Story Links Parsing Behaviour Settings

  • Cache Links
    Cache the URLs data to reduce the parsing rate when the same URL is shared on the site.
  • Cache Images
    When user shares a link on the page, images are still referenced back to the original site. If the image is missing, it would cause the page to not load correctly.
  • Automatically Purge Cached Urls
    By enabling this feature, the URLs would automatically be purged whenever the cronjob is executed.
  • Purging Interval
    Specify the number of months before the URLs expired.
  • Validate URLs Before Parsing
    When the user types a URL in the story form's text area, the system will check and see if the url is valid before adding and parsing it in the link form.
  • Supported Top Level Domains
    You will be able to define the supported top level domains that should be detected as a hyperlink.
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