1. Marketplaces
  2. Configuration


Marketplaces require no additional configuration because upon installation/updates, EasySocial will pre-configured the default configuration for you. So, after installation/updates, you can straightaway start using Marketplaces. Head to EasySocial > Settings > Marketplace > General to check out these settings.

Marketplace Configuration

In this section, you will be able to configure the behaviour of Marketplace in EasySocial.

MarketPlaces Settings

  • Enable Marketplaces
    By enabling this option, users on the site would be able to create item in Marketplace on the site.
  • Marketplace Currency
    Select the currency to be used for your marketplace.
  • Allow Changing Currency
    By enabling this option, users on the site would be able to change currency of their listing.

MarketPlaces Settings

  • Display Category Headers
    If enabled, the category headers will appear in the marketplace listings
  • Display Other Listing
    When this option is enabled, it will display a list listing beneath the main listing item based on the option you choose.

MarketPlaces Settings

  • Display Description in Listings
    Specify if the description in listings should be displayed.
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