In this section, you will learn how to configure the 'Group' features for EasySocial.

There are times when you want to give your user the freedom to create groups wihtout having to go through the hassle of approving each request. You can set the Group's creation to be either moderated or not moderated via Profile Type. Here's how you do it :

  1. Login to your backend.

  2. Navigate to Component > EasySocial > Profile Types

  3. Click on the Profile Type that you wish to enable/disable group creation moderation.
    Registration Module

  4. In the choose Profile Type's setting, click on the Access tab.
    Registration Module

  5. Once you're inside the Access tab, click on the Groups option on the left-hand menu. In that menu, set the Moderate Group Creation to Yes (the users in this Profile Type's group creation will be moderated) or No (the users in this Profile Type's group creation will NOT be moderated)
    Registration Module

  6. Once you've set everything for this Profile Type, click the Save button on the top-left corner of the screen.

  7. Should you have more than one Profile Type, repeat step 3 - 5 for the other Profile Types.

That's it! The users that registered under the Profile Types should follow the group's creation moderation rules that you have just set. For any further inquiries, do contact our Support Team via our Official Forum or drop us a ticket via our CRM.