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EasySocial comes with a build-in point system. It allow users on the community to obtain and achieve points whenever they've performed any specific actions on the site. The point's allowance are relying on the available action's rules which are installed and configured on the site.

Configure Points

This options are located at EasySocial > Settings > General > Points as shown in the following screenshot. It is by default is turned on in EasySocial.

EasySocial Points Browser

Point's Action Rules

There are few action's rules available in EasySocial. You may check it out at EasySocial > User Points as shown in the following screenshot.

EasySocial Points Browser

You may customize your rules to add new points by clicking on the rule's title.

Edit action rules

Installing New Point's Rules (Advanced User)

This section is intended for advanced user.

Currently there are two methods of installing a point rule which are Discover and Install methods.


The simplest and fastest way to install new point's rule for your site is by using Discover feature. Rule files that were generated for EasySocial will need to have the extensions of .points. EasySocial will then scan through the following folders to locate and install them automatically.

  • /administrator/components/
  • /components/
  • /plugins/
  • /media/com_easysocial/apps/user
  • /media/com_easysocial/apps/fields

To run the discovery service, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is to click on the Discover button on top left header as shown in the screenshot below.

EasySocial Discovering Points


In the event that your 3rd party extension has provided you with a zipped file for the rules, you'll need to use the Install method. This method is pretty simple, you will just need to upload the zip file and hit the Upload & Install button as shown in the screenshot below.

EasySocial Install Points

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