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  2. Administrator Broadcasting

Administrator Broadcasting

Site Administrator now may create annoucements for their site's user. Here are the available settings in EasySocial. Navigate to EasySocial > Settings > General > Notifications > Broadcasting.

EasySocial Notification Broadcasting

  • Enable Admin Broadcasting
    If this option is enabled, users would receive a notification bubble when a new broadcast is posted by the site admin.
  • Sticky Popup
    If this option is enabled, the popup would be sticky. Users would need to close the popup manually instead.
  • Broadcast Period
    Specify the time for the broadcast popup to last.

Creating an annoucement on your site is very easy. Proceed to your dashboard at the frontend, and select Broadcast icon on your story form. Start composing your annoucement message and click Share button once you're ready.

EasySocial Notification Broadcasting

There are 2 options of broadcasting types available in EasySocial; Broadcast Popup and Broadcast Notification. You can try play around with these options and experience the awesomeness of EasySocial.

This feature is only available for Site Administrator.

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