EasySocial comes with 3 themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!

Adding Custom CSS Codes

We understand that there are times where you want to add customize css codes but do not want to make these changes within the core css files to avoid updates replacing your css changes. EasySocial allows you to add custom css file in your template overrides.

You will need to know which Joomla template are you currently using on your site. If you have already determined, the name of your template, create the custom.css file in a structure that looks similar as below:


After you have added this file, you may start adding your css codes in the file and EasySocial will automatically load this css file during the page load.

In order for EasySocial to automatically compiled the custom css code, you will need to turn on Development Mode and login as Site Administrator on the frontend.

Recommended Width For Components & Module

It is recommended by us that the min-width for component has to be set to 900px. Whereas, the min-width for module has to be set to 800px. This allows EasySocial to render beautifully without having overlapping layout.