It's time to configure EasySocial. We'll list all the basics EasySocial configuration settings here.

Global Photo Layout Settings

EasySocial comes with a wide variety of configuration options that allows you to quickly customize most of the behaviour of EasySocial. In this section, you will be able to configure the photo layout settings by navigating to Components > EasySocial > Settings > Photos > Layout.

EasySocial Photo Layout Settings

  • Photo Image Source Size
    Determines the photo to be used when displayed on the stream item. Choose smaller size for faster stream image loading.
  • Photos Display Pattern
    Determines the arrangement of photos when they are placed together.
  • Photo Aspect ratio
    Determines the aspect ratio of blocks where photos are displayed within it.
  • Resize Mode
    Determines if images in stream should stretch to fill or fit within the provided container.
  • Photo Resize Threshold
    Determines if small images should display using its exact size without further resizing. The threshold here also applies to images in stream and story.