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How to Switch Group Category

Here are a few simple steps which you can do to switch any group category to another category.

Step 1

Navigate to your backend Joomla > Components > EasySocial > Group. Then, select the desired group to be switched category, by selecting the checkbox on the left.

Switch Events

Step 2

Next, after you have selected the desired group to be switched category, click on Switch Category button at the top of the page.

Switch Events

Step 3

Once you have clicked the Switch Category button, a pop-up will be displayed. Here, you can choose the new group category to be switched to. After you have selected the new category for the group, click on Switch Category button to complete the process.

Switch Events

NOTE: This process will try to preserved field data but there might be data loss if there are no matching field between 2 categories.

Step 4

A message will be displayed at the top stating the category switching for the group is completed.

Switch Events