EasySocial Error Messages

Here is a list of default errors generated by EasySocial and their possible fixes which you can take to address it.

Sorry, we are unable to locate your active registration session. Please try again

You will found this error in the registration page. The reason why you're hitting this error is because EasySocial were unable to find the current registration session and/or because you have set the registration to auto logged in but the registration redirection is wrong.

EasySocial Errors Messages

To fix this, you can either:

  1. Clear your site cache and browser cache.
  2. Please check the behavior of Registration. Navigate to EasySocial > Profile Types > (Profile) > Registration. If you set the Registration Type = Normal Registration(Automatic Login), you'll need to change the Redirection after registration = Home. Otherwise, EasySocial will not be able to process the redirection correctly and returning the error message above.
    EasySocial Errors Messages