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EasySocial also includes an achievement badge system in which users on the site would be able to earn badges based on specific rules that are configured on the site. To access the Achievements area, head to the backend of EasySocial and click on the Achievements tab on the sidebar navigation as shown below.

Achievements in EasySocial

Table definition

  • Title
    The title of the badge.
  • State
    Determines if the badge should be published. If it is unpublished, it will not be visible on the site.
  • Extension
    Determines the extension that registered these badges.
  • Command
    This is the command that will be used to log achievement actions.
  • Created
    The creation date of this badge.
  • ID
    The unique id for the badge.

Actions on page

  • Publish
    Publishes a single or a list of badges.
  • Unpublish
    Unpublish a single or a list of badges.
  • Delete
    Deletes a single or a list of badges.
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