EasyDiscuss 4.0.19

Remote Storage

In this section, you will learn on how to save your site's medias and files on a remote location.

If you have not created an Amazon account, be sure to register for an account at Amazon. Once you have your account created, you will need to login to Amazon Console.

Obtaining Access Keys

You will first need to generate your access id and secret key through the Amazon Console. Once logged in, hover over your name on the top right corner and click on Security Credentials

Security Credentials

Then, click on the Create New Access Key as shown in the screen below:

Create New Access Key

Upon creation, you need to click on the Show Access Key as you will need to copy both the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to a safe location:

Copy Access Key

Upon obtaining both the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key, proceed to the next section to set them up in EasySocial.

Setting Access Keys

Copy the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key that you have received into the remote storage settings as shown in the screen below:

Set Access Key

Then, click on the General tab and ensure that all of the storage are set to Amazon S3 or you could pick and match services that you would like to use on Amazon S3 or local storage.

Set Access Key

Once you are done, save the settings and you are good to go. Next, you will need to create the cronjob so that the system will be able to upload the files over silently.