Automate your EasySocial by setting up cronjobs. You will learn all about cronjob settings here.

EasyCron Cronjobs

Cronjobs are scheduled task that runs at a intervals or pre-defined times on the server. The main purpose of cronjob is to execute a series of simple repetitive tasks that needs to be runs by the site or a script file provided by the administrator.

Setting Up EasyCron

Setting up EasyCron cronjob is pretty simple and very straight forward. Navigate and register yourself at site. After you have created an account with EasyCron, you will see a screen that looks similar to the following screenshot. Start configuring the cronjob for your site by clicking on Create New Cron Job button as highlighed below.


CronJobs Information

On the next step, a popup window will be presented before you. You're required to fill up the required information to create the cronjob. Importantly, you will need to set the correct cronjob url on URL to call field. Enter the following url there.

Remember to change the domain name ( according to your site.


Test Cronjobs

You may execute your cronjob manually to test the connectivity. To do so, click on Test Cronjob Manually icon as highlighted in the following screenshot. If the cronjob is executed correctly, you will not receive any email. Otherwise, you will be receiving an email stating that your cronjob was hitting an error while executing.


If your cronjob hit any error, please let us know by creating a ticket to us at Stackideas Forum and please attached the email sent by EasyCron to us. We'll try our best to assist you with the matter.