1. Configuration
  2. Conversations Settings

Conversations Settings

In this section, you'll be able to configure the behavior of the Conversation in EasySocial and there are several settings available. Navigate to EasySocial > Settings > General > Conversations to check out these settings.

Conversation Settings

Conversation Settings

  • Enable Conversations
    Determine whether to enable the conversation feature globally on your site. Turning off this setting will result in being unable to start/reply to conversations throughout the site.
  • Enter Key To Send Message
    When this option is activated, hitting the enter key alone would send a reply.
  • Allow Messaging Non Friends
    Determine whether users are allowed to compose new conversations with non-friend users.
  • Display Typing State
    When this option is activated, the typing state of the user will be visible in the conversation.
  • Enable Location Sharing
    Determine whether users can tag their current location from where they are posting their messages.
  • Allow Giphy In Conversations
    If enabled, a GIF icon will appear to allow users to choose a GIF.
  • Default Conversations Sorting
    Determine the sorting sequence for conversations that are listed on the conversation's page.
  • Default Conversation Ordering
    Determine the ordering of the conversation which are listed on the conversation's page.

Conversation Attachements

Conversation Attachements Settings

  • Allow File Attachments
    Determine whether file attachments are enabled in the conversation.
  • Allowed File Types
    Determine which file types are supported on the system.
  • Maximum Individual File Size
    Determine the maximum file size allowed for the user to upload through the conversation attachments. The size needs to be in MB.
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