EasySocial comes with 3 themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!
  Mohd Yasser   18 October 2016   Beginner

EasySocial Template

EasySocial by default comes with pre-installed themes which you can apply to the site. These themes will be accessible when you accessing the Themes area.

Wireframe (Default) Theme

The default theme of EasySocial which can easily fits in to any light-based Joomla! theme.


Dark Theme

The 'dark' theme that can be used to match with a dark Joomla! theme.


Frosty Theme

The latest theme that comes with EasySocial 1.2, this theme uses a combination of light blue and white, giving out a cool feel to your users.


Changing Themes

To change your theme, simply login to your backend and navigate to Extensions > EasySocial > Theme. You will arrive in EasySocial's theme setting page with your installed theme listed. Then, click on the Star icon beside your preferred theme and your site will use that theme as it's default theme.

Change Theme

NOTE: If you have assigned a different theme for your profile type, you need to change the theme under the profile type settings.

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