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How to Remove Checkboxes on Advanced Search

Hey mate, how's it going? You're wondering how to remove the options or checkboxes on the Advanced Search, here you're on the correct documentation. As a site admin, you would like to customize your site to make it as yours.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search filters are based on the smart search plugin that are available on your Joomla site.

For example, you would like to remove Photos checkbox from the advance search. To do so, first you'll need to disable the plugin from your Joomla Plugin Manager by navigating to Joomla > Manage > Plugins. There, locate this plugin Smart Search - EasySocial Photos and disable it.

Advanced Search

Once you've disabled the selected plugins, navigate to Joomla > Extensions > Smart Search. Here, you'll need to purge expired indexes from your site. To do so, click on Clear Index button located on the toolbar. After the purging process completed, you'll need to re-index your site again. To do so, click on Index button on the toolbar. This process may take a while.

If everything is set up correcty, you will have the same layout as mine.

Advanced Search