Just like modules, EasySocial comes with applications built inside it. You can learn how to configure applications, from adding to deleting, here in this section.

URL Shortener Plugin

This is Plugins: System - EasySocial URL which explicitly developed to simplify EasySocial profile URL. This plugin is responsible to transform EasySocial user's profile URL to a simple URL format. With this plugin, profile URLs would be shortened automatically without having to set EasySocial as the home menu item.

In order to utilize this plugin, htaccess and mod_rewrite must be enabled.

URL Shortener Plugin

Setting Up URL Shortener

Site administrator may determine whether to append the user's ID in the url or not.

URL Shortener Plugin

Please make sure that EasySocial component is installed on your site prior installing this plugin, otherwise it will be useless. Please take note this is a plugin, and it must be installed through Joomla Extension Manager. For more information, please read through Installing Plugin documentation.