EasySocial comes with 3 themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!

Overriding App Icons

EasySocial allows you to override the default apps icon with your Joomla template. This is ideal when you need override the icons but do not want the updates to override the changes.

Default Storage

The default storage path for app icons are located in the following folder:


Overriding Icons

To create an override for your application icons, simply by uploading the new icon image files into the following location:


In the folder above, all you need to do is to upload 2 image files:

  • small.png - This should be the small version of the icon. It should ideally be 16x16.
  • large.png - This should be the larger version of the icon. It should ideally be 32x32.


  • <YOUR_JOOMLA_TEMPLATE> - This is referring to your current Joomla template.
  • <GROUP> - This should be the application's group. It could be a group or user or event or fields.
  • <APP_NAME> - This is the application element. For example, feeds,groups.