EasyDiscuss 4.0.19

Known Issues

This section is intended for system administrators who manages and runs the site. It contains administration guides and helpful documentation for your EasySocial site.

Unable to Register

There is a time where a user unable to register to the site using EasySocial registration page, it could be because of K2 User Plugin. It'll generate a captcha form whenever a user registered on the site with joomla registration. So, when a user register using EasySocial registration form, EasySocial system will tries to save the user object but then, k2 user plugin will reject the saving because of missing the captcha/recaptcha form.

The words you typed did not match the ones displayed. Please try again.

To fix this, navigate to Components > K2 > Users > Parameters > Advanced and turn off Enable reCaptcha on registration form.