Automate your EasySocial by setting up cronjobs. You will learn all about cronjob settings here.

GoDaddy Control Panel

This section will guide you through the process of setting up cronjob for EasySocial using GoDaddy.

Preparing the Cron File

Before creating the cronjob on GoDaddy, you will first need to edit the cron.php file located at /components/com_easysocial/cron.php. Load and open this file up with your favourite text editor and you should see some codes that resembles like the screenshot. You will need to rename as shown in the screenshot below with your own domain name.

Cronjob File


Remember that you DO NOT need to add http:// or https:// prefixes infront of the domain name in this file.

Accessing GoDaddy Control Panel

Head on to and login to the site. Then, navigate to the Products tab and click on the Launch button located on the right of the product listing.

Godaddy Control Panel

Next, click on the Cron Job Manager button as shown in the screenshot.

Godaddy Cronjob Manager

Creating The Cronjobs

Once you on the cronjob page, click on the Create button to add a new cronjob for the site. Next, click on Browse button and navigate to /components/com_easysocial/ and select cron.php file.

Godaddy Cronjob

Godaddy Cronjob Browser

After selecting the cron.php file, you will then need to se the following settings below:

  • Cron job title
    Please give your cronjob a title to identify.
  • Command
    Click on Browse button to find the cron.php file from your site.
  • Frequency
    Recommended to be set to Hourly
  • Minute
    Recommended to be set to x:00

GoDaddy does not support wget or lynx on their cronjob. You will need to utilize PHP scripts on their cronjob.