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Creating Language Overrides

Creating Language Overrides

Quite often, we received requests about modifying language string constants. Most of the time, users are unaware that modifying the language files directly is pretty pointless because when the extension get's updated, the changes will be reverted and it also doesn't make sense to do a backup of the changes all the time.

However, since Joomla! 1.6 onwards, users are actually able to create language string constant override through the new implemented feature in Joomla!. It doesn't need much technical knowledge at all.

Accessing Language Manager

To create an override, first you will need to navigate to Language Manager section located at the backend of your Joomla! site. It is accessible via Extensions > Language Manager menu at the top.

Setting Up Moderators

On the Language Manager page, click on Overrides tab as highlighted from my screenshot here.

Setting Up Moderators

Creating New Override

Now, once you are on the Overrides page, you will see a list of previously overriden language strings in which you can manage it here. As for now, click on the New button as highlighted to start creating a new language string constant overrides.

Setting Up Moderators

On the form, add the language string constant that you would like to override. Language constants are most likely in this format, COM_EASYSOCIAL_XXX (Depending on which extension, plugin, or module that you are currently translating from).

Setting Up Moderators

Once you are done, hit the save button and you are good to go.

Language string constant overrides are stored by default in this folder: /language/overrides/en-GB.override.ini. However, it is depending on your overrides language. As for this example, it utilizes en-GB.

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