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Using other social networking component? No problem! You learn how to migrate from other social networking component into EasySocial here. It's way easier than you think! :)

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Migrating From Jomsocial

EasySocial comes with a built in migrator that helps you migrate your existing data from JomSocial over to EasySocial. The migration process is pretty simple and it only requires a couple of clicks to get it started.

NOTE: Remember to make a backup of your site before running the migration.

JomSocial User Migration

To access the migrator area, you will need to click on the Migrators link on the side bar of EasySocial. On the migrators page, click on the JomSocial Users link to begin with the user migration.

JomSocial User Migration

After clicking on the JomSocial Users link, you will then be presented to a screen that looks like below:

JomSocial User Migration Step 1

To start the migration process, click on the Start Migration Process button.

On the next screen, EasySocial will try to understand the existing custom fields that was created in JomSocial and it will try to identify the closes possible fields. You will need to manually select the fields that you want to import if the system is not aware of such fields.

JomSocial User Migration Step 2

Once you are done setting the correct mapping, hit the Next button to begin with the migration.

After hitting the Next button, the migration process will begin. The process may take a while depending on the amount of users that needs to be migrated.

JomSocial User Migration Step 3

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