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Every marketplace listing that are created on the site needs to be associated with a category. The marketplace listing are defined by the characteristics of its category. To access the marketplace categories area, you'll need to navigate to EasySocial > Marketplaces > Categories.

Marketplaces Categories

Marketplace categories are tied to marketplace's workflows.

MarketPlaces Categories Listing

New Marketplaces Category

In order for you to create a new category, click on New button on top left of your screen.

Important: You'll need to make sure that Marketplaces Workflows are available on your site.

MarketPlaces New Category

  • Avatar
    Upload an avatar for your category. It should be square and should be at least 128px * 128px.
  • Form Type
    (Required) Determines which workflow should be used to be associated with this item.
  • Title
    (Required) Give a meaningful title for your category.
  • Alias
    This will be used as the permalink for the category when SEF is activated.
  • Parent Category
    If you want this category to a child category, select the parent.
  • Use As Container
    If category is used as a container, users will not be able to add items into the category.
  • Description
    Set a description for your category. It should briefly describe what this category is all about.
  • Published
    Determines if you want to publish or unpublish this category.
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