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  2. Email Activities

Email Activities

EasySocial utilizes a mail delivery pool which ensures that the page would not time out when e-mails are being dispatched. E-mail activities will display e-mails that are queued and sent in the e-mail delivery system.

E-mail Activities in EasySocial

You may also preview the e-mail by clicking on the title. You should see a screen with the preview of the e-mail as below.

E-mail Preview in EasySocial

Table Definition

Title - This is the subject of the email.
Recipient - This is the recipient of the e-mail.
Priority - This is the priority that is set for the e-mail.
State - The state of the e-mail whether it has been delivered, pending or if it has errors.
Created - The creation date of the e-mail in the delivery pool.
ID - The unique id for the mail pool item.

Actions on page

Mark Sent - Mark e-mails as sent so that it would not be sent again when mail delivery occurs.
Mark As Pending - Mark e-mails as pending so that it would be delivered again when mail delivery occurs.
Purge Sent - This will purge all sent e-mails from the mail pool.
Purge Pending - This will purge all pending e-mails from the mail pool.
Purge All - This will purge all e-mails from the mail pool.

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