1. Users
  2. Introduction


EasySocial includes a user management panel which offers various user management functions. To access the user's listing page, click on the Users menu on the sidebar.

Upon clicking on the Users menu, you will then be brought to a screen which is similar to the screen below.

Users in EasySocial

Table Columns

Name - The user's name.
Username - The username for the user.
Enabled - Determines if the user's account is enabled.
Activated - Determines if the user's account is activated.
Verified - Shows the verification status of the user.
Points - Shows the number of points a user has.
Profile Type - This is the profile type the user is currently allocated to.
ID - The unique id of the user.

Visible Actions

Visible actions show on the top.

Unban - Unban a user. They will be able to access the site provided that their account is also activated.
Ban - Ban a user. They will no longer be able to access the site.
Switch profile - Switch the profile type of users to another.
Delete - Delete a user from the site.

Other Actions

Actions available through the Other Actions dropdown.

Set Verified - Enable verification status of users.
Remove Verified - Remove the verification status of users.
Resend Activation - Resend account activation email to selected users, provided their account is not activated yet.
Assign Badge - Assign a badge to the user.
Assign Points - Assign points to the user.
Reset Points - Resets selected users points to 0.

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