In this section, you will learn how to configure the 'Event' features for EasySocial.

Every event that is created on the site needs to be associated with a category. The Event Category defines the characteristics of the event that is created in the category. To access the Event Categories area, you will need to click on the Events menu on the side bar. Then, click on the Categories child menu.

Event Categories in EasySocial

The settings for a group category can be broken down into 3 different segments:

  • General
    General information about the Event Category including it's avatar.

  • Custom Fields
    This tab allows you to configure the custom fields for events that are created within the category. This is a powerful utility as it allows you to request for information depending on which category the Event is created in.

  • Access
    EasySocial also associates access with the event categories. You may define the access control for a category in this section. Events that are created within the category will inherit the ACL from the category.


In this section, you will be able to set the general settings for an Event Category as shown in the figure below:

Event Categories General Settings in EasySocial

The settings above are broken down into the following:

  • Avatar
    Allows you to define a custom picture for each of your event category.

  • Title
    Set the title of your Category. Example: Businesses, Automobile, Programmers Land, Job Seekers, Fan Clubs.

  • Alias
    This is used for linkage when user accesses an Event Category on the front end. It should be as simple possible. You may leave this blank if you do not intend to have a customized alias.

  • Description
    Describes more about what the category is all about. This description will be visible to the user on the front end when they are viewing the Event Category.

  • Published
    Determines whether this Event Category should be published or not. Only published Event Categories are displayed on the front end.

  • Event Creation Access
    This determines which profile types are allowed to create Events in the Category. This would be usefull when it comes to restricting users access to create events on specific categories on the site.

Custom Fields

Custom fields for an Event Category allows you to customize the behavior of the Event creation, editing process on the site.

Example: There are cases where you may request additional fields for the category Businesses and may want to request different fields for the category Automobile.

Event Categories Custom Field Settings in EasySocial

Custom fields for Event Category can be broken down into the following sections:

  • Step
    A step is similar like a workflow or tab. It allows you to create custom workflows during the creation of Events or when you edit an Event on the site.

  • Fields
    Fields are items that exists within a Step. You can have multiple custom fields within a single Step.


To create a new step, simply click on the icon highlighted on the diagram below:

Create New Step for Event Categories in EasySocial

Upon clicking on the icon above, you will now notice that a new page is added on the form as you can see on the figure below. To edit the characteristics of a step, click on the Edit button.

Create New Step for Event Categories in EasySocial

Once you are done configuring the step, you can now start to drag & drop custom fields you see on the right into the page as shown on the diagram below:

Adding Custom Fields in EasySocial

Custom Fields

To add custom fields into your Step, all you need to do is to drag and drop the custom fields from the Field Browser and drop it under the canvas area as shown in the figure below:

Adding Custom Fields in EasySocial

Upon adding the field on the page, a sample of how the field looks like would be displayed in the canvas. clicking on the field will then display a settings form which allows you to configure the behavior of the custom field.

Editing Custom Fields in EasySocial

The configuration of each custom field type varies depending on the developer that developed the custom fields. However, these are the standard configurations that are added by EasySocial by default:

Core Tab

This will be used as the title in the form.

This will be used as the instructions on the field.

Show Title
Determines if the title should be visible on the field.

Show Description
Determines if the instruction should be visible on the field.

Default Value
This will automatically be populated into the field.

Determines if this field is required when creating or editing an Event. If this option is enabled, user must enter values for this field.

View Tab

Appear During Registration
This determines if the field should appear during Event creation.

Appear During Editing
This determines if the field should appear when user edits their Event.

Appear During Displaying
This determines if the field should appear in the Event's information page.

Advanced Tab

Unique Key
This is not often used but it can be used by 3rd party extensions or developers to retrieve a value of the custom field.

Determines if this field should be searchable by users.


Access is basically an Access Control List which allows you as the site admin to limit or restrict permissions for Events that are created in the category.

Event Category Access in EasySocial