1. Groups
  2. Introduction


EasySocial includes Group functionality where users on your site could create their own groups and collaborate with other users on the same site. There are 3 common type of groups that can be created within EasySocial:

  • Open Group
    Anyone can join or view contents of the group.

  • Closed Group
    Only members of the group can view the contents of the group but user's would still be able to see these groups.

  • Invite Only Group
    This is a hidden group type where users would not be able to search for them or view them. They need to be invited to join the group.

Groups are also categorized under group categories and a group must always be a part of a category. The category of a group defines the characteristics of a group and the access control of the group.

Accessing Groups

To access the groups area at the back end, you can do so by clicking on the Groups sidebar menu. You will then see a screen that looks similar to the screen below:

Groups in EasySocial

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