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Achievement are the element that trigger users to use your site more. Here, you will learn how to configure achievements for EasySocial.

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Mass Assignment

Mass Assignment

EasySocial also allows user to mass assign points to a specific users on the site by uploading a list of user via a .csv file. The list of users in this file should be in the format as follows:


    The user id that you would like to assign the badge to.
    Set the badge id.
  • ACHIEVED_DATE (optional)
    Set the achievement date for the users.
    (Syntax: DD-MM-YYYY)
  • CUSTOM_MESSAGE (optional)
    Determines if there is any custom message assigned to the user
  • PUBLISH_STREAM (optional)
    Determines if the system should publish this on the stream.
    (Syntax: 1 or 0)

Uploading CSV file

To upload, access the Mass Assignment menu from the sidebar and you will be presented with the screen below:

EasySocial Badges Mass Assignment

  1. Click on the browse button to locate your .csv file.
  2. Hit the Upload CSV File button.
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