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Automate your EasySocial by setting up cronjobs. You will learn all about cronjob settings here.

InMotion Hosting Cronjobs

This section will guide you through the process of setting up cronjob for EasySocial using InMotion Hosting. Lets start by accessing InMotion Hosting Cpanel. Head to http://www.inmotionhosting.com and login to AMP. Under your account name, click the cPanel button. You will then be redirected and automatically logged into cPanel.

For further information, please read through InMotion Hosting documentation.
If you're using InMotion Hosting shared servers, you'll need to use User Agent String for your cronjobs. Head straight to InMotion Hosting Cronjobs Command with User Agent String section.

InMotion Hosting Default Cronjobs Command

Preparing the Cron File

Before creating the cronjob on InMotion, you'll first need to edit the cron.php file located at /components/com_easysocial/cron.php. Load and open this file with your favourite text editor and you should see some codes that resembles like the screenshot below. You'll need to rename site.com as shown in the following screenshot with your own domain name.

Cronjob File

Remember that you shall NOT add http:// or https:// prefixes infront of your domain name in this file.

The cronjob script will need to be called on its direct path as it is located on your server. So, it will be something similar to /home/userna5/public_html/components/com_easysocial/cron.php.

InMotion Hosting Cronjobs Command with User Agent String

The wget command is disabled on all shared server by InMotion Hosting for security purposes. Thus, the default cronjob command cannot be optimized. Therefore, you may utilize this cronjobs commands for your site.