It's time to configure EasySocial. We'll list all the basics EasySocial configuration settings here.

Profile Completetion Settings

EasySocial introduced a new feature named Profile Completion. This feature allows site administrator to notify, prompt or redirect users to fill up and complete their profile. This feature will benefits community users in receiving opportunities through points, achievements and leaderships in EasySocial. To set this up, navigate to Components > EasySocial > Settings > Users > General > Profile Completion.

EasySocial Profile Completion Settings

  • Profile Completion Checks
    Enable this for system to check the user's profile completion according to the requirements set in profile fields.
  • Check Optional Fields
    Specify the optional field should be included in the profile completion checking.
  • Action On Incomplete Profile
    Specify the action to take when the user have not completed their profile.

This Profile Completion Settings is disabled by default.