EasyArticles Stable Release

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Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Stack Ideas Team Retreat , temporary delay on our support forums ...

Forums Updated

Forums updated

Support & Services will be limited to your supported domain only

Custom profile fields?

Downloads not available after renew

Unable to renew my bundle

how to renew

Made an order but Missing Licence Key

Renewal still attached to old license

Degraded image quality

Ability to Remove Participants in Conversations

Update User Birthday value

Nearby Groups

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Bar color at the top has changed

EB Bad Logo Size While Sending Emails

How not to show read more in Blog Listings

Install Fails

Gallery in Composer is not sliding images

AMP error after upgrading to latest version

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Text avatars in EasyDiscuss

not square avatars in easydiscuss possible?

EasyDiscuss - Categories : Displayed

EasyDiscuss - Toolbar | change naming convention and redirect for...

Search in Easydiscuss returns nothing

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Users subscribing to Joomla Article comments

komento attachment size problem in php 7 (mp3)

Progress bar of upload in komento?

Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error

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Latest Version 1.0.9 Breaks the Menu Template Style Assignment

Ability to Enter a Default Facebook Profile/Application ID

Metainformation not saved

Facebook image sharing not working

Metaman is loaded in popups

Metaman layout z-index

I updated EasyBlog, it crashed and now I can´t reinstall it

Conversekit sync messages with easysocial inbox

Converskit compared to message options in EasySocial


ConverseKit Roadmap

Installation of Pro Package did not finish as need latest launche...

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Easy Articles

Docker install errors

continue reading unwanted login

plugin upgrade not moving past 0% when extracting.

Bad display Group Blog App with Echo

Hover Boxes in Notification

Avatar image as Card image in Groups and Pages

Square Avatars

side-widget for apps triggers wrong url

polls vote(s): missing link to profile

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Hide footers on wanderers template

Padding on lateral margins on mobile view

How to know when there is a template update?

Compatibility and overrides.

Change Navbar size

elegant navbar-fixed-top

Menu Minor Tweaks

Modules Inline - Position: Position-1

Changing background color of Elegant template

Wrong position

[Group Buy] Steam app like PSN app

Interesting news about JoomlArt acquiring JomSocial and iJoomla

Hurrah! Easily customize the order of your Vimeo profile videos!

HikaShop app

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