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Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums Updated

Forums updated

Fixes for all our products version not reflecting at backend

Convert my phpBB forum to EasyDiscuss?

Potential New User Questions

Loyalty discount program (20% & 30%) after license is expiring?

Page Blog App - Contribution Type

Conversekit demo detecting location?

update Coupon

Load friends list when you invite friends to groups etc

Easysocial : Find a translation

Bug in group assignemnt

How to add more MOODS in timeline (dashboard)?

Web Push Notifications : Difficulty showing notifications

Mod showcase appearance on mobile

Put "easyblog frontpage" on home menu, but create custo...

Bulk Archive Posts

Change Default Text Font Size

Update 5.3.3 Error

Multi-Currency Capability

Adding new features! Create Comparison and Pricing Tables

Implement Klarna payment gateway

Monthly payment date the same each month

Upgrade expired plan

Option to show prices incl/excl VAT

Unable to open any discussion

Easydiscuss 4.1.12 : Unable to open discussions

How to assign moderator for every post automatically when user cr...

Changer la police des caractères du forum

Automatic assign of a moderator

Komento - display comment without refresh page

Plurial Not Respected When Indicate Numbers Of CommentS

Plurality Not Respected When Indicate Numbers Of CommentS

Comments do not show when I am as gest

Extracting and updating Komento files failed (why?)

Emoticon's sometimes display - other times it's just the code

metaman alters content of web page and meta information panel not...

Update error

FB don't take my page description & picture

Is there a way to hide MetaMan on mobile view?

Metaman Button Group Displays behind Stream Items when logged in ...

Menu overlap with metaman

publishing date vs created date in Easy Blog.

Upgrade problem

Update 3.9 to 5

open multiple chat windows

multi-user chat / discord.app integration

Message limit reached

I run my Cron URL, but the emails aren't sending

Private discusions

EasyBlog - Most Popular Post Module Notice

Data Privacy

Sentence in German - What is the ini name of it?

Searching This Forum

Direct Reply Function in Discussions in Groups (EasySocial)

jfbconnect login buttons alignment in echo template

Easy solution to migrating pre-composer posts to new composer

Tag Categories

Echo template on mobile

Echo Template

Change the font

Mobile menu notworking

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Dark theme?

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

offline site - no way to enter 2fa code

Template don't work after updates

Suggestion for EasyBlog

Can Easyblog URL's Match Old Versions?

Changes to sidebar color on Elegant template?

Facebook profile import feature

Choose whether submenus display

Quickstart Installation for Vanilla Template

Template is not displaying properly, not recognizing preset

Compatibility with PHP 7.1?

Vanilla template error on php 7.1

Module Positions Needed

Cannot click search filter

Cannot click filter

I want to change the font of name to bold

change landing page text

Tag field width

How to show Author on Voyager template

Templates : QuickStart

How do I add menus to Voyager Template

Voyager Template Issue

Update removed my customization

Footer messing up the whole site

Left Hand Column Overlaps Footer in Safari Browser

Sticky header doesn't stick

EasySocial Login Page Customization

How to change Charm Template Default Landing Page Image

An Idea for a New App: A Generic Toolbar Module --- Works with A...

Android App Idea for Group or Team of people

(advice) Articles exchange between two joomla website


Irenecore & Guru Applications! Has any one tried them?

Thoughts on PlayStation Network App

Anyone with dating or sports site?

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