PayPlans 4.0 Stable

Request For Help: Rate our support

Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums Updated

Forums updated

PayPlan plan option (same annual expiry date)

May I install Easyblog on another website ?

OneSignal integration across all apps

Paid for mobile template but not available to download

show ONLY image and video easysocial Activity stream

Duplicate Stream - Profile Unlocker

Cache system from ES

Logout Redirect Needs to go to One Specific Page Only

Custom "Field Country" from file

Bug RC1 - Relationship Approval

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How to hide text above "read more"?

Category title on top

Unable to embed Youtube using EB's native editor

Allow Authors to Preview Blogs

recording problem and video insertion

Failing to update to latest - stuck initializing database

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Easydiscuss navigation in post next and after post titles after t...

Google Crawler

Setting Up Email Parser

Add prefix to discussion meta title (ED)

Can't post reply with internal editor

Limit User List by User Group

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komento look and feel

IP issue

Submit Button for new comments not working

Site down following installation

image on comment

Disable Komento in some category

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PayPlans 3.7.1 Needed to Upgrade to 4.0

Update of Payplans and payment methods in Brazil.

Bill to ... missing details fileds in ADDRESS

Invoice issues (IMPORTANT)

Two Questions Before Renewal

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metaman alters content of web page and meta information panel not...

Update error

FB don't take my page description & picture

Is there a way to hide MetaMan on mobile view?

Metaman Button Group Displays behind Stream Items when logged in ...

Menu overlap with metaman

Trouble with Converskit

Load in Module Option

Two sentences to translate in ConverseKit

Issue access contact/setting after first install

Komento problem with template from

Feature: API For EasyBlog & EasySocial?

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Easysocial 2.2.7 New dropdown menu cuttoff in all windows

Emoji Like Selection

Tagging Lag

var_friends variable.

Hi, is payplans 4.0 available in german?

jfbconnect login buttons alignment in echo template

Easy solution to migrating pre-composer posts to new composer

Tag Categories

Echo template on mobile

Echo Template

mobile template

Mobile menu notworking

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Dark theme?

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

Wanderers Menu issue

Changes to sidebar color on Elegant template?

Facebook profile import feature

Mobile template bug after ES extension update

Optimising page speed - Header & Footer file?

Matching colors to the Elegant template

Vanilla error log

joomla update to 3.8.13 gives a Warning

Location function in timeline not working

Internet Explorer 11 - uploaded video not displayed

Missing "New Group" and "New Page" buttons

How to show EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss toolbars?

Small CSS error on home page

Request for custom mod for front page.

When is Office template going to get an update?

Copy template warning

Helix framework plugin error on joomla 3.8.12

Disable Helix off canvas menu styling

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How to show Author on Voyager template

Templates : QuickStart

How do I add menus to Voyager Template

Voyager Template Issue

Update removed my customization

Footer messing up the whole site

Adjust content in Charm Templet

Please tell me where to upload my replacement image on Charm for ...

Charm theme to easysocial 3.0

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Anyone with dating or sports site?

Joomla 4 - What To Expect?

Use google analytics funnels for registration ?

Android App Idea for Group or Team of people

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