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Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums Updated

Forums updated

EasyDiscuss, inline images and thumbnails

Pre-sale query (Web Push Notifications app)

Is this mobile template support easyblog and easydiscuss?

Invoice for Conversekit purchase

Komento presale: is possibel to show the number of ratings elsewh...

Unable to parase for photo upload

Android App Idea for Group or Team of people

React as User (on a Page)

Multiple Photo Post - Perspective Distortion

Upgrade deletes CSS

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105 Unknown column 'doctype' in 'where clause'

Template issues on some easyblog categories

Easyblog graphics no longer display

What is the Modal Function in the built-in EasyBlog editor?

UTF permalink problem

Structured data rating issue

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CUSTOM FIELDS Multiple options: missing commatas

USER Administration: sorting

FORUM VIEW: "New" and "last activity"

AVATAR Image upload: Image Size and Dimensions

CATEGORIES Configuration: Transferring rights configurations

Menu Item Configuration

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Comments not showing on front end

Hide Comments Counter

Total number of comments showed is wrong

Ratings number is calculated based on user IPs?

Average rating counts only last comment

Download Update to 3.1.1 before updating to 3.1.2

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Dashboard Widget

Free Subscription/Plan for all parts of site except paid

Change plan unit on recurring plans


Auto Renewal plans Forever

EasyBlog Comments Ajax Pagination

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Is there a way to hide MetaMan on mobile view?

Metaman Button Group Displays behind Stream Items when logged in ...

Menu overlap with metaman

Metaman stop working

If I can override Metamen style.css?

MetaMan causes issue with mobile menu

ConverseKit old problem returning

conversation's data api

help with conversekit links

ConverseKit Not Display Full Name

Notification new Message in page Title (1) - Like Facebook

change author of replies and block search engines on specific Que...

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Address Issues

Location of data for easyblog

Cannot add new tags

Recurring payment

Make Site full width in Custom CSS

Tag Categories

Echo template on mobile

Echo Template

mobile template

blog / sidebar position / echo

Echo Template change face

Mobile menu notworking

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Dark theme?

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

Wanderers Menu issue

Mobile template bug after ES extension update

Optimising page speed - Header & Footer file?

Matching colors to the Elegant template

Vanilla template issues

1.0.6 produces white screen

Drop down menus in the Vanilla Template is wrong colour?

EasySocial Dropdown Menu does not show login

Vanilla Sidebar Module on version 1.0.5

Office error when upgrading to Joomla 3.8.10

Main menu & search positions

problems with the right sidebar on the main login page

Problems with right sidebar

Apply a code for site

Javascript Mobile popup issue

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Update removed my customization

Footer messing up the whole site

Site doesn't show on a phone

Voyager Template Footer Text

Menu Button Does Not Work On Mobile

Sublevel Menus ? / Comment System

Charm Demo

Badges in ED-toolbar

V1.05 Cover Photo on user menu

Template switching

Charm 1.0.5 Logout Missing on User Dropdown Menu?

Charm 1.0.5 How now to adjust items on the toolbar?

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Android App Idea for Group or Team of people

EasySocial App 5.5 is here! Feedback wanted!

Joomla 4 - What To Expect?

Use google analytics funnels for registration ?

Where to find Joomla Developer?

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