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Forums Updated

Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums updated

Allow uploading videos to EasySocial only specific users

different editor in Easy Discuss

Migrating big data JomSocial site to EasySocial by support

EasyDiscuss instead of Jcomment on Jdownload files?

Frontend layout - Image and Link integration Community builder

I'd like to request a phpbb3 migrator

GDPR, ES & Who can do what?


Broadcast to all users not working as I expected

Link post too large

Premium Customs Fields with PayPlans

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change SEO url after migration - 404 soft

Breadcrumb is not updated

imap is not compiled with PHP

About showcase module

What does the plugin "EasyBlog - Auto Article" do?

update from Joomla backend

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Import/Export Settings?

EasyDiscussion & EasySocial-Groups Integration

Installation dialog

Convert Comment to Reply for EasyDiscuss Group App

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Where is the API key?

Komento - possible bug regarding email notifications & issues wit...

Blog subscription notification for Komento

Guests can't post

Guest users can't post

adding custom smileys

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Question for comparing Payplans to Emerald

How to place from 4 to 6 payplan boxes in one row

PayPlan Quick Registration Captcha

clickable pictures

PayPlan PayPal Account Configuration

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If I can override Metamen style.css?

MetaMan causes issue with mobile menu

Error warning at backend

MetaMan OG:Data

Metaman doesn't work on Shika page?

Metaman : facebook meta image wont save

EasySocial Apps

Upgrade failure & Connecting to facebook

ConverseKit & Docker behavior on mobile view

Feature: API For EasyBlog & EasySocial?

easysocial integration?

Message limit reached

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Activation Problems

EasySocial 2.x email + notification digest

I cannot see my facebook groups in my available list after 5.2 u...

Problem with translation

Page Read Time and number of words message

mobile template

blog / sidebar position / echo

Echo Template change face

Mobile menu always expanded


Module positions like in demo for notifications and Login/Registe...

Dark theme?

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

Wanderers Menu issue

Wanderers - [position-7]

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Align main menu right

Adding Scripts before after / body tags

elegant override icomoon icons

Elegant template modules positions

Invite Friends not working on Vanilla!

Invite Friends not working on Vanilla!

the photo of stream covers on stream dropdown-menu.

Some Module Display has problems

The display number of the photo on the stream.

Change menu dropdown from hover to click.

Office Update for EB 5.2

Module visible only on real homepage

Office - User profile Menu

Office Profile on Desktop layout

Office: disable privacy function

Office: Support the page designers SP Page Builder

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Update removed my customization

Footer messing up the whole site

Site doesn't show on a phone

Voyager Template Footer Text

Menu Button Does Not Work On Mobile

Sublevel Menus ? / Comment System

Footer Behaviour on Home Page

Easysocial notifications not showing a counter

Temp. Code Tweak possible to fix the mobile menu problem?

Charm Template will not Install

EasySocial toolbar Menu icon not working?

Show user toolbar with just login icon for guests...

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Are JTicketing and SocialAds Any Good with EasySocial?

Any one got Shika working with Easy Social?

OpenBadge API?

Better URLS for EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss in EasySocial Groups

Concept for a blog website for the German-speaking people in KL

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