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Announcement for all translators

Issues with signing in with Facebook on our site

Customized the categories ?

Author's Mini Header for EasyDiscuss ?

Renewal Issues

Could not get emails for Verifying new account

Migrate EasyDiscuss Posts on Discussions Groups

Could not sign up

Chat problems!!

Email Template Override

Video URLs

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Photos disappear after rotated

Category page - Page Titles (seo)

Edit pending post in frontend

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Problem with italian language

Invoice address

Big, fat and green "Ask a question" button

about easydiscuss categories

Can a Kunena forum be migrated to EasyDiscuss?

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EasyDiscuss - Notification - All Users EXCEPT Opt-Out

Videos Category Allowed Profile Types

Possible to add more rating options?

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Metaman layout z-index

Save button

Metas not saved on EasyDiscuss page

Facebook meta working only with Safari

Changes not saved

Compatibility and overrides.

Change Navbar size

Customizing Wanderers Template

Wanderers theme as part of Social Bundle

Invalid HTML in com_content override


template install twice ?

template update ?

Divider Bar & Button Colour

Remove Side bar for One Page & all subpages?

How to Prevent Authors from Receiving Post Updates

Align Text in a Column to the Center

Stream Items are not appearing

Show apps in profile header

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