Happy Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year

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Forums Updated

Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Forums updated

Stack Ideas Team Retreat, temporary delay on our support forums &...

Frontend layout - Image and Link integration Community builder

I'd like to request a phpbb3 migrator

Easy Discuss RSS Feed

Mobile Template

Functionality of PayPlans?


Adding '2' character after editing Pages details

How to stop users creating pages?

Can't edit task

Saving Event now adds '2' on the end of the title

Error on Sort by Creator... BackEnd EasySocial Events

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Too long preview on Category view

EasyBlog category issue

404 Component not found"

documentation: Remote Publishing through Microsoft Word - does no...

documentation: live write is no longer support - please add openl...

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disable the User tab?

Smart Search Results are removing a needed / for discussion forum...

Discussion locked, but comment not locked

Creat tags for discussion post issue on mobile

EasyDiscuss as Ticketing System only

EasyDiscuss - Latest Replies urls sometimes missing part of the u...

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Notifications not work as expected

Unable to use "Like" function when login form is disabled

Auto add comment box?

Blank page after upgrading Komento Pro

Updating Komento breaks the component

Liking discusson comments can create duplicate counts and avatar ...

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payplans paypal app

Subscription stuck on hold status

How to force registration through ES and not through Joomla

Add the trial period information to the plan view.

Payplans User Login/Registration with Social

Error while processing task: dowload

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Error warning at backend

MetaMan OG:Data

Metaman doesn't work on Shika page?

Metaman : facebook meta image wont save

Could not open update site #65

Graph display incorrect when using HTTPS

Converse Kit only on Easy Social menu?

Conflict with Convers kit

Converse Kit appear in all pages (restrict page)

Add video calls in ConversKit (feature suggestion)

Error 500 - Add a participants

Problem with two emoticons

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Private profile.

Migration from wordpress.com

EasySocial Login

HTML Forms in event descriptions are stripped out

Office Horizontal Menu

Mobile menu always expanded


Module positions like in demo for notifications and Login/Registe...

hover effect

Problem with echo Design

Module Positions

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

Wanderers Menu issue

Wanderers - [position-7]

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Hide footers on wanderers template

elegant override icomoon icons

Elegant template modules positions

Issue with mod_easysocial_dropdown_menu

When is the template switching in responsive mode?

Install of Elegant (v2.1.1) did not complete

Hiding HomePage Menu and the Vanilla Label

Embed Spotify in Vanilla

Vanilla - Main menu very sensitive to touch on tablet

Main menu disappears on small screens

Module positions CHARM

need website content to be displayed larger

Office - background image

EasySocial Pages and Groups Menu not showing correctly

IE 11: The right menu is not displayed

when it will be available for download?

Auto-close the mobile sidebar?

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Changing colors

Blog fullscreen view / logo image

Article text color.

About icon of categories moudle

About [Show Post Image Placeholder]

Better URLS for EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss in EasySocial Groups

PayPal / widget / donation

OpenBadge API?

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