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Forums updated

Feedback for switching from voices to forums

Stack Ideas Team Retreat , temporary delay on our support forums ...

Forums Updated

Support & Services will be limited to your supported domain only

Need invoice

Multi admins in Easysocial + Template in Easyblog

EasyArticles Front-end layout...

Easydiscuss search for user ??

Easyblog question

Paid for EasyDiscuss but EasyBlog was renewed instead!

Disable stream items for events

Cannot Edit Rich Posts - Error

landing page for forgot password and forgot login

Virtuemart plugin for EasySocial

Problem with RC2 ....

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Autoposting: Allow frontend users to post as Facebook Page

unable to save blog post and sign into admin backend

After Update EasyBlog Dashboard Not Correct

Set up Comment moderation

Imported RSS Feed Images

I can't change authors -- as superadmin

Showing 6 of 13748 posts

Removal of unused features

Easyblog post's date format and easydiscussion post's date format

Issues with comments and permalinks

Easydiscuss for competitions

ED end user Contact Us facility

How to disable RSS feed in EasyDiscuss

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Komento Language Setup "Spanish (Spain)" as default

Resend email for pending comment approval

Last comments module - corrupted layout when cache is on

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 ...

Comments and sticky menu conflict ?

komento integration with hikashop

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Emailer App troubles

Registration/Login Flow

Require contract term on plan

Show trial price instead of recurring amount on plan page

adding fields to PayPal payment in Payplans

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Meta Man crahses Side layout

Use MetaMan on pages with custom article/category layouts

icon under descktop

Metaman throws DFIShield Security error with Admin Tools

Latest Version 1.0.9 Breaks the Menu Template Style Assignment

Ability to Enter a Default Facebook Profile/Application ID

download kit

Message all users one time

login message

Please consider to translate the module's title

ConverseKit Questions

Call to a member function get() on null

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constant language untranslated

language overrides

Content Versioning

Change file upload size

how to make a link for the hikashop add product app?

You need to login to read the rest of the stream items.

Category Blog Layout doesnt work in Echo

Echo template Right position not working.

Temporarily domain change

Thumbnail dimensions with Echo template

Bad display Group Blog App with Echo

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Hide footers on wanderers template

Padding on lateral margins on mobile view

How to know when there is a template update?

Compatibility and overrides.

Change Navbar size

Bootstrap Styling

I have a Tamplate Bootstrap Issue

Need a Left side Module Position.

I need to reduce the font size of a 3rd part particular Module.

I have a confilict issue with Stackideas & Techjoomla

sidebar background color

Texts too small

Search menu and notifications area inactive on iPad

Difficulty of transitioning menu on iPad portrait mode

Conflict with popup photo and menu

Main menu very sensitive to touch on tablet

Problem to display sub-menu on small screen

Header Image

Little bugs in desktop and mobile responsive design

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