Feedback for switching from voices to forums

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Forums Updated

Forums updated

MetaMan automation

Komento presale: is possibel to show the number of ratings elsewh...

Komento presale: possible to show comments of an article via modu...

Pre-sale query (Web Push Notifications app)

Payplans 3x to 4x upgrade

[Easyblog] Is possible to put a pdf viewer in a popup link?

Dropdown List Validation

Audio breaks when I add new spotify link

Default apps

No Stream items when reaction or comment on a photo from an album

Audio files are not sorting on the front end

String translation missing

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Subscription confirmation email is not sent

How can I prevent google indexing login page?

windows carraige returns and unix linefeeds converting to break i...

settings of Template was overwrite

moving from Joomla 2.8 to 3.8 and EB 3.9 to current

Twitter Callback Locking

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Conversation participants are nt always notified

I can't type new one tag in my question

Tags title position might be wrong

New Topic notifications not being received.

Enable Headers Above Toolbar on ED only to Frontpage Layout

ED toolbar with Subscribe (e-mail & RSS)

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ReChapter from Google didn't work on Joomla

Can you help me to do some changes with komento?

Disable rating for replies

Exclusion of vote for reply

Comment sharing link is "relative" and hard to copy

Custom Migrator not working for Hikashop

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Advanced Price App not working

Limiting the number of subscription per user


Age limitation

How to add/set VAT/tax rates for plans

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Menu overlap with metaman

Metaman stop working

If I can override Metamen style.css?

MetaMan causes issue with mobile menu

Error warning at backend

MetaMan OG:Data

Wordpress to Joomla

Scrolling problem

Registering on Easy Blog answers with blanc page


Message limit reached

Category Icon Size ?

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sh404 remove id

I need to modify the module EasyDiscuss - Categories Add a specif...

Security operative investigation query

All User Layout longer description

Central notifications dashboard for SI extensions

Echo template on mobile

Echo Template

mobile template

blog / sidebar position / echo

Echo Template change face

Mobile menu always expanded

Guru LMS update changed Menu item colors on Wanderers template

Dark theme?

Ipad bugs on Wanderer

Few Issues on Ipad with Wanderers Template

Wanderers Menu issue

Wanderers - [position-7]

Mobile template bug after ES extension update

Optimising page speed - Header & Footer file?

Matching colors to the Elegant template

Tweaking the alignment of Social Media Module in Vanilla


Groups in Easydiscuss menu isn't visible

Invite Friends not working on Vanilla!

Invite Friends not working on Vanilla!

the photo of stream covers on stream dropdown-menu.

Apply a code for site

Javascript Mobile popup issue

OFFICE: width of the site

Office Update for EB 5.2

Module visible only on real homepage

Office - User profile Menu

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Update removed my customization

Footer messing up the whole site

Site doesn't show on a phone

Voyager Template Footer Text

Menu Button Does Not Work On Mobile

Sublevel Menus ? / Comment System

search users

showcase module

writer info in article page

Charm does not respect EasyBlogs button colors

How To Move Mainmenu To The Left

Social Icons on Charm template

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Post Blog by application

Any one got Shika working with Easy Social?

New version of the Blog App compatible with EasyBlog 5.2.4 is out...

Are JTicketing and SocialAds Any Good with EasySocial?

OpenBadge API?

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