Activity Stream

Activity stream is the main feature where all shared items are shared amongst users. Here, you will learn on how to configure the setting for your site's activity stream.

EasySocial includes an activity stream which allows users to view at a glance of recent activities on the site. By default, the stream displays the date in a lapsed format as below:

Activity Stream Date Style Preview

Changing Theme Settings

You can however, alter this by changing the display settings of the stream in the theme settings. To access this settings, first proceed to your Themes section at the back end of EasySocial. Then, click on the theme that you are currently using. In this case, our screen shot below displays the settings from the wireframe theme.

Configuring Activity Stream Date Style

There is 2 options which you can choose from:

Normal Date Time Styling
This displays the conventional date time style. E.g: 20th December 2014

Time Elapsed Style
This displays a modern date time style. E.g: 2 hours ago