Module Positions

Learn how to utilize more than 90 different module positions for EasySocial, here in this section.
EasySocial V2.1

Module Position

EasySocial comes with a list of predefined module positions out of the box. These module positions are pretty similar with Joomla's module position. You may use any of these available position and place any module that you wanted within the EasySocial component.

How To Use?

Just like the normal template position, you can create a new module and enter the desired module position in the position section. Type or paste the EasySocial module position and hit enter.

Module Position

You'll noticed that these module position are not listed. But rest assure that it will be working fine.


The following positions are available throughout the entire extension.

General Position


These are the available module position on standard listing layouts.

Albums Listing
Audios Listing
Events Listing
Followers Listing
Friends Listing
Groups Listing
Pages Listing
Polls Listing
Users Listing
Videos Listing