Just like modules, EasySocial comes with applications built inside it. You can learn how to configure applications, from adding to deleting, here in this section.

Google Adsense Apps

One of EasySocial awesome apps is the Google Adsense. Site administrator may install and configure this Google Adsense apps to allow users on the site to be able to install the apps and add their own Adsense code to their profile. This Adsense code can be retrieved from the Official Adsense Website by following few simple steps provided there.

Google Adsense

There are 2 ways to integrate this Google Adsense apps on your site. It is either allowing user to add their own Adsense code or using centralized administrator's Adsense code.

User's Adsense Code

Site administrator may allow users to add their own Adsense Code to their profile. Users will need to install Google Adsense Apps which can be located under Application section on the their profile.

Google Adsense

After successfully installed this apps, users will need to submit the Adsense code by entering them in the apps settings. Click on the setting button as shown in the screenshot above.

Google Adsense

However, this feature is only available if this app is not set default.

Administrator's Adsense Code

Site administrator may set Google Adsense apps to use his own Adsense code. In order to utilize this feature, this apps must be set as default application. To do so, navigate to Components > EasySocial > Applications > (Adsense) and submit the Adsense code to EasySocial. This Adsense code will be displayed in each user's profile page.

Google Adsense