It's time to configure EasySocial. We'll list all the basics EasySocial configuration settings here.

Global Notification Settings

In this section, you will be able to configure the behaviour of notification in EasySocial. Navigate yourself to Components > EasySocial > Settings > General > Notifications to configure the available options there.

EasySocial Notification Settings

  • Enable System Notifications
    Determine whether to enable the system notification on the site. It will automatically polls for new system activity and alerts the user with a notification counter.
  • Automatically Mark System Alert Items As Read
    Determine whether the system should mark items as read when the system notifications is opened.
  • Enable New Friend Notifications
    Determine whether to display a friend request counter by polling the server at the specified interval.
  • Enable New Conversation Notifications
    Determine whether the system will poll the server for new conversations and display a counter when there are new conversations.
  • Automatically Mark Conversations As Read
    Determine whether all conversations should marked as read automatically upon opening the conversations popup.