1. Configuration
  2. Notification Settings

Notification Settings

In this section, you will be able to configure the behaviour of notification in EasySocial. Navigate yourself to EasySocial > Settings > General > Notifications to configure the available options there.

EasySocial Notification Settings

  • Enable E-mail Notifications
    This option determines if e-mail notifications should be enabled for EasySocial. When this option is disabled, no e-mail notifications will be generated from the site
  • Enable New System Notifications
    By turning this option on, system notifications will be enabled on the site. It automatically polls for new system activity and alerts the user with a notification counter.
  • Automatically Mark System Alert Items As Read
    This option determines if the system should mark items as read when the system notifications is opened
  • Enable New Friend Notifications
    By turning this option on, the system will display a friend request counter by polling the server at the specified interval
  • Enable New Conversation Notifications
    By turning this option on, the system will poll the server for new conversations and display a counter when there are new conversations.
  • Automatically Mark Conversations As Read
    When this option is enabled, all conversations are marked as read automatically upon opening the conversations popup
  • Use Single Polling Request
    If this is enabled, EasySocial will now use a single polling request instead of sending multiple polling requests at a specific interval.

Single Polling Request will not be working when user opens more than 6 tabs.

Sender Settings

EasySocial Notification Settings

  • Sender Name
    You may change the sender's name that appear in the email to your desired name here.
  • Sender Email Address
    You may change the sender's email address that appear in the email to your desired email address here.
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