What are social networking without users? Here, you will learn how to manage users and ensure the smoothness of your site.

EasySocial allows your users to connect and interact with other users on the site by allowing them to browse other users. On the screen below, you will be able to see the functionality of the user's listing on the front end of your site:

Users Listing in EasySocial

On the side bar, you will notice that there is a highlighted area that might look different from your site. These are called Global Filters. As a site administrator, you may define as many filters as you want to help your users to filter other users available on the site.

Creating A Global Filter

To create a new global filter, you will first need to access the Advanced Search area. To access the Advanced Search page, you can either type the URL below manually:


Or, you can perform a search and click on the Advanced Search link as highlighted on the screen shot below:

Accessing Advanced Search In EasySocial

On the Advanced Search page, select your desired filtering options that you want and hit the Search button. Once you have the results as shown on the screen below, click on the Save As Filter link:

Filtering Users In EasySocial

You will now see a dialog pop up as below, give a title and ensure that the checkbox Save this search result as a sitewide filter is checked.

Adding Global Filter In EasySocial

Upon hitting the Save button, access the user's listing again and you will notice the new filter appearing on the sidebar.

Common Questions

Q: I can't see the Save As Filter link when performing the advanced search.
A: The reason is because this feature is only available to the site administrator. Please ensure that you are logged in as the site administrator.