Already own EasySocial? Here, you will learn how to update your backdated EasySocial to the latest version.

Updating EasySocial Through Joomla Updater

In compliant with the new Joomla Update System Requirement, all extensions uploaded to JED after 10th January 2017, are required to use the Joomla Update System. This will help to ensure that site owners are always notified of when a newer version of installed extensions are available.

Whenever you see this notice on your site's dashboard, it would mean there is an extension needs an update. Click on the View Updates button or you may navigate to Extensions > Manage > Update to view the list of the available updates for your site.

EasySocial Outdated


Keeping all your installed component up-to-date is extremely important for your website. EasySocial updating process is very easy and straight forward, however, updating from one major version to another requires you to make sure the following pre-requisites has been done. This can be very helpful if anything went south, you'll be able to restore your previous stable site.

  1. Backup of the site's database (For just in case purposes).
  2. Backup of the modified files (Important).

EasySocial Outdated

Next, you'll need to make sure that the API Key and the Domain are correct. Check the checkbox and click on the Update button to start download and update the component. The download process will take you some time depending on the internet connectivity. Chillax and go take some coffee.

Once the download process completed, you'll see this notice appeared on your site. This means, you have successfully downloaded the component on your site.

EasySocial Outdated

Please do understand that we will not be responsible if your modified files are deleted during the update process. It is your responsibility to make a backup of your own files.

Updating EasySocial

Complete the updating process by navigating to Components > EasySocial. Continue the update process until complete and you'll have the latest version of EasySocial on your site.

If you needed a guide, this Updating EasySocial 2 documentation can guide you through the update process.