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Just like modules, EasySocial comes with applications built inside it. You can learn how to configure applications, from adding to deleting, here in this section.

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Kunena Field

Kunena Signature Field

Integration between EasySocial and Kunena will not be completed if you're not using Kunena Signature Field. It allows you to set your own custom signature messages from EasySocial to be displayed at the end of each Kunena forum post.

Kunena Signature

Installation & Publishing

The installation process is very simple and almost the same as installing any application in EasySocial. You can install them through EasySocial Applications. For more information, please read through Installing Custom Fields documentation.

Setting Up Kunena Signature

After you have published this field, now you will need to assign it to a workflow of user group. Navigate to EasySocial > Custom Fields > Workflows > (select a workflow). Click on (+) to add new and then locate the Kunena Signature field from the custom field list and insert it in your workflow.

Kunena Signature

Once you have inserted them, you'll see it from the list of custom fields as shown below. You may edit and configure it by clicking the pencil icon. If all is ready, click on Save button to store the configuration.

Kunena Signature


This custom field will be displayed under edit profile section in your EasySocial. Users can edit their profile and add their signature for Kunena.

Kunena Signature

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