What are social networking without users? Here, you will learn how to manage users and ensure the smoothness of your site.

EasySocial allows you as the administrator of the site to switch a user's profile type. If you have more than 1 profile type created on the site, you will be able to switch the user's profile.

To do so, first you will need to access the Users listing at the back end of EasySocial:

Users Listing

On the user's listing page, you will need to select the desired users that needs to be switched to your other profile types. After selecting these users, click on the button Switch Profile on the toolbar as you can see from the screen shot below:

Switching Users Profile

Upon clicking on the Switch Profile button, a new dialog will be prompted on the screen that allows you to select the target profile type for the users that you have selected as shown on the screen below:

Switching Users Profile Dialog