EasySocial comes with 3 themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!

Installing New Themes

You may install extra themes for your EasySocial. To do so, navigate to Components > EasySocial > Themes > Install. Kindly follow steps provided when installing new theme on EasySocial.

  1. Once you in the Install Themes section, click on Choose File button to locate your new theme.
  2. After you have selected the new theme, click on Upload & Install button.
  3. Wait until a success message appear at the top of the page. It should be stating your theme is successfully installed.
  4. Navigate to Themes section to enable this new theme. The installer will not automatically enable your new theme.

In a case where your installation is not completed, please submit us a ticket on our Forums.