EasySocial comes with extra modules to boost your site's usability. Here, you will learn about modules and it's settings.

Dating Module

EasySocial dating search module allows your users to search for other users based on their dating search preferences.

Registration Module

Configuration Options

Registration Module

Dating Module Not Displayed?

EasySocial introduces a Dating Search Module which help users on your site to find and filter their searches according to Gender, Address, Distance, Age and Name. However, there are times when you have enabled this module from the backend and have place it on the right position, but it still does not appear.

This issue arises when the aforementioned fields option are set to Not Searchable. In order for this module to be working correctly, you will need to ensure that the following fields are properly set to Searchable. (Gender, Address, Birthday, Full Name and User Name).

We have compiled a simple guide to help you troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Login to your site's backend and navigate to Components > EasySocial > Profile Types.
  2. Choose any Profile Types that you wish to be indexed in the Dating Search Module. As for this guide, we will choose Registered User.
    Registration Module
  3. After you have selected Registered User, click on Custom Fields tab. Choose any of the aforementioned fields and click on the highlighted section from the screenshot.
    Registration Module
  4. Click on the Advanced tab and set the Searchable option to Yes.
    Registration Module
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the other fields (Gender, Address, Birthday and User Name).
  6. After you have finished set every fields for this profile type, click on Save button located at the top left of the screen to store the changes.

Should you have more than one profile type, please repeat step 2 until 6 for the other Profile Types as well.

That's it. The Dating Search Module should appear and works just as it should be.