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Profile Types

One of the EasySocial unique features is Profile Types. With the different variation of profile types, you can determine user's accessibility on your site. Grab a cup of tea, because this might take a while to understand.

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Profile Default Privacy

Profile Default Privacy

In this section you will be introduced to Profile Default Privacy. EasySocial profile privacy is a sophisticated system which will enables site administrator to create a different privacy options for different type of profiles.

This profile privacy can be accessed through Components > EasySocial > Profile Types > (Registered Users) > Privacy. The following screenshot is the profile privacy interface.

Profile Default Privacy

The generated list of privacy are gathered from the pre-installed rules under Privacy section. There are quite a number of privacy available for site administrator to play. However, please do remember that wrong privacy setting set will change the behaviour of EasySocial. So, it is best for you to leave this as it is.

This default privacy can be overriden by user privacy which they can set them on the frontend.

For further information on how to install new privacy rules, you may find it at Discover Privacy.

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