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Achievement are the element that trigger users to use your site more. Here, you will learn how to configure achievements for EasySocial.

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Installing Achievements

Installing Achievements

There are 2 ways to install Achievements on the site:

  1. Via Discovery option - Scans through the site for .badge files.
  2. Via Upload option - Uploads a package that contains a list of .badge files.

Installation via Discovery

Discovery options allows the system to discover for .badge files on the site. By default, the discovery service would search for .badge files through the following directories recursively.

  • /administrator/components
  • /media/com_easysocial/apps/users
  • /media/com_easysocial/apps/fields

Discover Badges in EasySocial

Installation via Upload

There are times when you have a 3rd party extension that provides you with a list of .badge files. You can simply upload the files through the installer to install these badges.

Install Badges in EasySocial

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