Profile Types

One of the EasySocial unique features is Profile Types. With the different variation of profile types, you can determine user's accessibility on your site. Grab a cup of tea, because this might take a while to understand.

Creating Profiles

Creating new profile is technically very easy. Navigate to Components > EasySocial > Profile Types, and then click on the New button located at the toolbar. The button is highlighted in the screenshot provided.

Managing Profiles

After clicking on the New button, you will then be presented with a form as shown in the provided screenshot. Noticed that only General section is accessible now. The rest of the sections will only be available after the profile is saved.

Managing Profiles

Fill in all the required information on the General Profile Settings for the new profile type. Click on Save button to complete the process and store the entered information.

Profile settings are classified into 8 different sections and they are further explained in the following documentation.