Profile Types

One of the EasySocial unique features is Profile Types. With the different variation of profile types, you can determine user's accessibility on your site. Grab a cup of tea, because this might take a while to understand.

Profile Custom Fields

In this section you will be introduced to Profile Custom Fields. Custom fields are pretty similar to any form builders. Rather than it being a traditional form builder, EasySocial custom fields are created to harvest user's information and mining it according to user's creativity. It is very flexible and allows you to modify the form to your desired output.

This custom fields section can be accessed by navigating to Components > EasySocial > Profile Types > (Registered Users) > Custom Fields. The following screenshot is the custom fields interface.

Profile Custom Fields

Custom fields interface can be divided into 3 section; Profile Steps, Profile Form and Custom Fields Settings.

Profile Steps

Under this section, you will be able to manage by adding additional steps to the profile or removing the existing steps.

Profile Custom Fields

Profile Form

Under this section, you will be able to manage how the input form should be arranged and ordered.

Profile Custom Fields

For example, re-ordering Password field to be placed under Name field as effortless as you may just click, drag and drop the custom fields to the desired location and ordering.

Profile Custom Fields

Custom Fields Settings

Under this section, you will be able to manage and edit the field data as shown in the following screenshot.

Profile Custom Fields

EasySocial custom fields are able to handle string constant and also normal text. This awesome feature will be a great deal breaker for multi-lingual sites because now they no longer needing create .

By default, EasySocial will pre-populate mandatory fields needed to run accordingly. Without these mandatory fields, this newly created profile will be useless.