Activity Stream

Activity stream is the main feature where all shared items are shared amongst users. Here, you will learn on how to configure the setting for your site's activity stream.

If you have a very active social network, overtime the stream on your site will be filled pretty quickly. EasySocial comes with a built in automated archiving feature to help you clean up the stream. To configure the auto archiving functionality, proceed to the Settings > Stream area. Scroll down, and you will see a page that looks similar to the screen below:

Configuring Auto Archiving

There is 2 settings on this section which you can configure:

Enable Archiving
If this option is enabled, automated archiving of activity streams will be enabled. If this option is switched off, this functionality will be disabled.

Archive Items Older Than
This settings determines which items should be archived when the stream items reaches the defined age. For instance, if the settings is set to 6 months, all stream items older than 6 months would be archived.

Where Do I Find Archived Activity Streams

Once the activity stream items are archived, you may access the archived streams from the Stream Section at the back end of EasySocial. You will need to filter the list by Archived as shown in the screen below:

Listing Archived Streams