Just like modules, EasySocial comes with applications built inside it. You can learn how to configure applications, from adding to deleting, here in this section.

Google reCaptcha Plugin

This is Plugins: CAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA which enhances and strengthen the safety and security of EasySocial. It uses the reCaptcha services to prevent spammers while it helps easing human interaction.

There are 3 simple steps configuring reCaptcha on EasySocial.

  1. Google requires customer to register with them in order to use this feature. After registration, you will need to obtain the Site Key and Secret Key from Google Recaptcha.
  2. Enabling this plugin on your site is a must. You can do it so through Joomla Plugin Manager. For more indepth information please read through Enabling Captcha Recaptcha.
  3. Configuring reCaptcha on your site is quite straightforward. Learn more on this Configuring Recaptcha on EasySocial.