It's time to configure EasySocial. We'll list all the basics EasySocial configuration settings here.

Activity Stream Settings

In this section, you will be able to configure the activity stream behaviour. Navigate to Components > EasySocial > Settings > Activity Stream > General > General Features.

EasySocial Stream Settings

  • Enable Bookmarking On Stream
    Determine whether to allow bookmarking option on stream item.
  • Enable Pinning Stream Items
    Determine whether to allow pinning option on stream item
  • Enable RSS
    Determine whether to allow RSS feed on the site.
  • Exclude Site Admin's Stream From Appearing
    Determine whether to exclude site admin stream items from appearing on the site.
  • Enable Automated Archiving
    Determine whether to enable the automated archiving feature on the site.
  • Archive Items Older Than
    Archiving stream items older than specified number of months.